More Fields 2.0rc1

So 2.0 Release Candidate 1 is out the door.

(We pushed it to the WordPress repository but didn’t change the stable tag.)

Relevant changelog from the readme.txt:



  • Boxes can now be attributed to a specific post type in More Fields fore better interoperability with More Types.
  • Separation of different versions of fields (More Fields created with functions.php/other plugins, exported More Fields fields and More Fields created in More Fields.
  • HTML5 input types (color, range, time, number, week, month, date)
  • Bug fixes


  • Compatibility with WordPress 3.0
  • Post type functionality moved to the More Types plugin
  • New template function, more_fields: more_fields(field,before,after,content filter)
  • Box export functionality
  • Compatibility with More Taxonomies, More Types, More Roles
  • Total code revamp
  • Enhanced rights management for boxes

Please try it and report bugs to the forum.

Next in line

Next in line is the RC1 of More Taxonomies. Stay tuned.

More Types 1.0rc1

So, we’re moving along. Yesterday evening Henrik pushed More Types 1.0 Release Candidate 1 to the WordPress repository.

Henrik has been hard at work restructuring the plugin again to separate the types of post types for WordPress 3.0. With More Types there is four types: Built in Post Types (like Posts and Pages), Post types defined in functions.php or another plugin, Post types exported from More Types, and Post types created within this installation of More Types.

But the best new feature in my mind? readme.txt!


More Types is a WordPress plugin that adds new post types to the WordPress admin. For instance if you run a music site you could create a review post type (based on the post). If you run a food blog you could create a post type for recipes.

If you use More Fields in addition to More Types you could for instance add an input field where you put the ingredients and another where you input cooking time.

With More Types you can:

  • Create additional post types
  • Set different editing capabilities of post types based on user roles (rights to review, save, and publish), even for built in post types
  • Control what input boxes are available for each post type
  • List posts in specific menus in the WordPress admin
  • Set visibilitiy of a post type based on user level
  • Link taxonomies to any post type

More Types is part of a suite of plugins created to enhance the functionality of a vanilla WordPress installation. With More Fields you can create additional input fields for easier management of Custom fields, with More Taxonomies you can create additional taxonomies besides Categories and Tags. More Types works without the other plugins but interacts with them nicely.

This plugins was born out of the development work done for Dagensskiva, Dagensbok and user requests.


To install More Types:

  1. Upload the ‘more-types’ folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Administer in Settings -> More Types

Upgrading from More Fields 1.x?

If you’re upgrading from More Fields 1.x you need to take a couple of steps to continue working with your already defined Post Types.

  1. Upgrade to More Fields 1.5.1 (this prepares the More Fields fields and Post types for WP 3.0)
  2. Update to WordPress 3.0 still using More Fields 1.5.1
  3. Upgrade to More Fields 2.0
  4. Install More Types 1.0



  • Separation of different types of post types (default Post types, Post types created with functions.php/other plugins, exported More Types Post types and Post Types created in More Types.


  • Bug fixes


  • Improved functionality for exporting and importing post types


  • Creation and editing of moved from post types to More Types
  • Restructuring of data model (for WordPress 3.0)

We haven’t forgotten about the template function and widgets, but decided to leave them out of a 1.0 release not to delay it further.

Next in line: More Fields

The next release is the eagerly anticipated release of More Fields 2.0rc1. Stay tuned.

More Plugins Dev Camp

This weekend we’re having a More Plugins Dev Camp in Örebro, Sweden.

The plan is to release More Types 1.0, More Taxonomies 1.0, and More Fields 2.0 before the weekend is over.

To tease a bit we’re implementing template tags for More Types, More Taxonomies, and More Fields to make it easier to use and work with the plugins in your theme work.

For our flagship plugin, More Fields, we’re also implementing some HTML5 features for input type="nn". We know that most browsers won’t be able to make much of them for now, but in time they will and we will be ready.

With these features you can create fields that only recognises numericals, a range, a colour, a date, a time or datetime.

We’ll see you on the other side.


The weekend is over and still no new releases yet. But I thought I’d give you an update on what we’ve been up to.

We’ve made another rewrite of how More Plugin handle different types of Post types, Taxonomies and Custom fields, which required some significant structural changes within the plugins. Now we’ve separated items within the plugin to make it easier to distinguish between different types.

For More Types the admin page is separated into:

  • More Types Post types
    Post types created with More Types or has been imported from other sources.
  • Saved More Types Post types
    Post types from files created with More Types.
  • Post types defined elsewhere
    Post types created with functions.php or other plugins.
  • Default Post types
    Built in post types.

The functionality is inherited bottom up, that is:
If you have the same Post type defined in Saved More Types Post types as in a Post type defined elsewhere the settings from Saved More Types Post types will override the settings from Post type defined elsewhere. Do you guys think that’s the correct order of things?

Expect GM versions posted to the repository soon.

More Fields 2.0β1 and More Fields 1.5

More Fields 2.0

The 21st of April we reached a milestone for More Fields with 40k downloads. We’re really proud of all the fantastic things you’ve created with our creation.

We’re celebrating this with revamping More Fields for WordPress 3.0 in its entirety.

What you’ll notice is that we’ve removed the page type functionality and made it into an entirely new plugin (More Types). But we’ve also integrated that plugin with More Fields in a, if we can say so ourselves, lovely way.

With this change More Fields works better if you only want the box functionality, but you can still do everything you’d like and even more with both of them together.

Remember that this is an early beta and it needs WordPress 3.0. But if you dare to use WordPress 3.0 you probably dare to use More Fields 2.0.

(The 2.0 branch will not be pushed onto the plugins repository until we get closer to the final release of WordPress 3.0.)

Download More Fields 2.0

More Fields 1.5

We’ve also pushed an update for More Fields for the 2.9 branch of WordPress in preparation for WordPress 3.0.

What More Fields 1.5 does is convert the boxes, fields and post types created with More Fields for later use with More Fields 2.0, More Types 1.0, and WordPress 3.0.

More Taxonomies 1.0β1

Today we released More Taxonomies 1.0β1.

More Taxonomies is part of our More Plugins suite where you’ll be able to control custom post fields, custom post types, and custom taxonomies for the WordPress CMS with WordPress 3.0.

More documentation and implementation instructions are acoming. But if you want to be bleading edge (which we know you already are, since you must be using the first public WordPress 3.0 beta) you can take it out for a test spin.

We’d especially like you to look into the integration with More Types (that was released as 1.0β2 today).

For support, look to the forum.

More Types 1.0β1

Our brand new plugin for WordPress 3.0 was committed to the WordPress repository just a couple of minutes ago.

Please check out More Types and tell us what you think in the forum.


Since a couple of days you’ll find b2 of More Types in the WordPress plugin repository.

We want More Plugins

We’ve made the decision to go all out for the upcoming release of WordPress 3.0.

More Fields 2.0

More Fields is our flagship plugin. It’s been downloaded 38 000+ times from the WordPress repository and helped created a more CMS like experience of WordPress for sites like Harvard Gazette Online and one of Swedens largest music sites

One of the features from More Fields that the users have requested and that we’ve implemented into the plugin is the ability to add additional Post types besides the built in Posts and Pages.

More Types 1.0

With WordPress 3.0 the functionality to create post types will be built into core so what we’ve done is to break this functionality out of More Fields. But we thought it would be nice to be able to simplify the creation of additional post types (you add them via actions in your themes functions.php file as default). And we’ve also simplified the way to manage user roles and their capababilities with the created post types. And since we’re developers too we realised that there need to be an option to export these types to help transitioning from a development site to a live site (if you work on a development server and deploy on the live site). (Btw, that functionality will also be added to More Fields.)

More Taxonomies 1.0

But we’re not done yet. More Types is not really complete without being able to control the taxonomies of the site. So we decided to create More Taxonomies. We realise that we could have built this functionality into More Types, but we thought we’d keep each plugin as focused as possible to let each one focus on what it does best. That way you don’t need to install all of them to use the functionality of just one of them.

More Roles 1.0

Finally we’ll publish a plugin that will let you manage roles and capabilities for the WordPress CMS.

By default WordPress has five user roles (Admin, Editor, Writer, Contributor, and Subscriber). You can use these roles to set how users will be able to create and edit content. With More Roles you’ll be able to be a lot more specific. You could for instance create a new role for a specific department in your organization and allow only them to post items in a specific post type.

Another function for roles is also to specify which role that can view specific content. In the planned development for More Roles 1.5 you will also be able to set which roles that can view a specific post.

More … or less

You could just install More Fields to add the ability to simplify the CMS experience. You could just install More Types to better be able to separate your different kinds of content in the WordPress admin. And you could just install More Taxonomies to for instance create a music database.

But the best experience will be when you install all of them, of course.

And they will integrate nicely with plugins from other authors if that’s what you crave.

Beta tester?

All our new plugins will be published in the WordPress repository as soon as they reach the beta stage, so you will be able to find them there. (Tentative release date for the beta of More Types is today, More Taxonomies and More Roles will be released during the weekend.)

The beta for More Fields 2.0 however will only be published here on our labs site until WordPress 3.0 gets closer to release (since the current users of More Fields will also get the update request for 2.0, even though they’re still on the 2.9 branch). If you’d like to beta test More Fields 2.0 before that, please say so in the forum.

Please use the forums for More Types, More Taxonomies, and More Roles for bug reports and questions.

More Fields 1.4

More Fields 1.4 is live on

Enjoy and please use the forum for bug reports.

The plugin repository has a changeset.

More Fields and WP 3.0 (and 2.9.x)

We’ve been working hard this weekend at preparing More Fields 2.0 for the upcoming release of WordPress 3.0.

Our work has also resulted in a new plugin which will allow us to streamline the More Fields plugin to be able to better keep it updated with new WordPress versions.

We will also be preparing the release of More Fields 1.4 which will be the final release for the 2.x branch of WordPress.

We’ll let you know as soon as it’s done and posted to the repository.

More Fields 1.4b

We know we’ve neglected you for a bit, and we’re sorry about that. We’ll try to step it up and do better.

Please try the new version of More Fields (1.4b1) before we submit it to the WordPress Plugin Repository.

Download: More Fields 1.4b1

Please note that support questions should be discussed in the support forum, not in this comment thread.

Changed in this version:

copy wp-admin/js/post.js to wp-content/plugins/more-fields/post.js
wp-content/plugins/more-fields/post.js: Comment out line 234
wp-content/plugins/more-fields/post.js: Comment out line 235
wp-content/plugins/more-fields/post.js: Comment out line 236
wp-content/plugins/more-fields/post.js: Comment out line 237


New version (Beta 2) with more compatibility with legacy branches (2.8).

Download: More Fields 1.4b2

Update 2: Beta 3

Download: More Fields 1.4b3

Implemented $wp_query->add_rule in $more_fields->generate_rewrite_rules:754, so that php calamity is avoided.