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More Fields

We’ve pushed another update for More Fields 2.x.

We’ve tried solving the issue with quotes in field and box names before, but our efforts have been unsuccessful with double escaping characters as a result. Sorry about any problems this has caused.

2.0.4 solved the bigger problem where we had a problem with quote signs in the content, but now we’ve solved the problem with ‘ and ” in box and field titles as well by reverting to our old method of storing arrays in forms (with JSON).


  • Resolved issues with quotes in field and box names
  • Sputnik v6 – brought back json implementation, instead of serialize() when storing arrays in forms.

Quick update. In some cases editing the a field box the box could clear the box from it’s content. We’re working on a real solution (since this one, again, can create problems with quote marks in the box title). This is only a problem for the box titles though, not for field titles.

  • dotblend

    Hi, i’ve got a problem, maybe not directly related to your plugin but the content is generated by your plugin

    i want to get the custom field value (generated by your plugin) (a e-mail address) into contact form 7 as a the address where to send the form to.. maybe you a solution?

    thanks in advance, Peter (dotblend)

    • http://kalströ kalstrom

      This should go to the forum, really. Difficult to follow up in the comments. But here’s a suggestion.

      Look into how your form saves the data right now. If it saves the data into a custom field you can use the same field key. That could work.

      • Anonymous

        I appreciate that you’d like your users to comment in the forum, but there seems to be a lack of developer response there. Could you please address this issue as a whole? Thanks.

  • monkeyLove

    I have a brand new install of wordpress (latest version) and I downloaded Version 2.0.5 of more fields but when I go to the page:

    I see this error:
    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/blah/public_html/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/more-fields/more-fields-settings.php on line 30

  • Norbert Walter

    Hi i have installed version on WP3.01 and on WP3.04
    On that WP3.04 I can not add a picture gallery using the media button at a field with tinymce-wysiwyg-editor. Also in the tab “Gallery” there is no possibility to edit image-meta or see a preview-img like on WP3.01 (on wysiwyg-input-field).
    I tried to replace the core-file (wp-admin/includes/media.php) with the one from v.3.01 and that fixed the issue. I just think it is not the best solution. Maybe there is used some different functions in the “new” media.php that has to be addapted within the great MoreFiels-Plugin.

    • http://kalströ kalstrom

      Thanks for the heads up. We’ll look into it.

      • ChurchWebWerx – Jack

        I’m having the same issue. I added a wysiwyg field, but the insert media, audio, etc buttons don’t work. This makes it where I can’t use fileslist field either (I can’t upload any files because this custom post type doesn’t have the editor enabled)

        • ChurchWebWerx – Jack

          Once I enabled the editor for my content type, the insert media buttons on my wysiwyg field worked. But I want to disable the editor for this content type and control all of the content through custom fields.

      • Rachelle

        I’m also trying to find a solution for this problem where media buttons don’t do anything on my WYSIWYG fields. I’m having trouble figuring anything out. I hope an update will be available soon. Really love this plugin.

  • Tim

    This is a great plugin, why don’t you have any documentation up on the site? Just some simple use cases would be helpful for a lot of folks.

    • http://kalströ kalstrom

      We’re working on it. We know we should have it up already, but … day jobs and all that …

  • Linx_effect

    great plugin however i am having problems with adding an additional wysiwyg area.
    the additional wysiwyg area which i’ve assigned to the pages keeps inserting a textarea box inside it automatically

  • Linx_effect

    it’s ok, i found the fix on your forum :D

  • Connectjs

    Here is a patch for checkbox issue when choosing multiple possible values (like select)
    values are stored as a chain comma separated in post_meta

  • Connectjs


  • Aaron Adams

    Hey guys, neat plug-in.

    Have you considered fixing the grievous number of notices the plug-in generates? I like to keep debug mode active when I’m developing a template; but it’s somewhat impossible when you’re using functions that were deprecated as of WordPress 2.0, let alone 3.0; it forces me to deactivate your plug-in while I’m not updating the posts. Bit of a pain.

    That said, keep up the good work!

  • Edir

    There is a missing piece in More Fields, the tool to select a File Image don’t have an option to select “No image”, when you start using it in the post, you are not able to remove the image after select one and save the post.

  • Anonymous

    One simple question. I have some entry fields now visible at admin panel new page, but despite creating and filling them I cant see them at user front end.

  • Stephan

    I got a problem with more-fields and Mailpress … when I activate more-fields plugin, my mailpress articles, that were added to the draft, are shown x times, not only 1 time.
    I think the join in more-fields-rewrite-object.php causes the error.
    Can you help me please?

  • Adas

    como lo descargo???

  • Alexandre

    Nice plugin!
    It would be so useful to have a widget allowing multi-criteria search within custom fields, just specifying which fields group to draw form from…

  • Maxime Vasse

    The line 83 of more-field-settings-object.php is this :
    var val = $(“input[name=field_type]“).val();

    Shouldn’t be like this ?
    var val = $(“input[name=field_type]:checked”).val();

    Otherwise, the input text below stays disabled even if there is a select or radio…

  • Contact

    Nice plugin… BUT
    it would be really great if proper accentuation correctly works on Field title and Caption.
    Another bug is Values are disapearing when saving on editing a field in a box… pretty much annoying.
    And like Maxime Vasse says “the input text below stays disabled even if there is a select or radio”…

    It works great at first start, but editing just make it unusable.
    too bad

  • Ryan

    Love the plugin so far, but you really need to get some documentation up with some examples. I think it would be a huge help to everyone.

    Thanks for your work.


  • Peter

    Is this plugin really badly broken with wordpress 3.1.2? It feels like !

  • elbatron

    Great plugin – with a few whole mentioned above, but this is the best plugin for custom field management anyway.

    However custom fields created with More Fields conflicts with WPML: WPML copies custom field values from original post to translations but More Fields deletes these values resulting a new blank post.

    Please consider this problem when updating your plugin.


  • elbatron

    Great plugin – with a few whole mentioned above, but this is the best plugin for custom field management anyway.

    However custom fields created with More Fields conflicts with WPML: WPML copies custom field values from original post to translations but More Fields deletes these values resulting a new blank post.

    Please consider this problem when updating your plugin.


  • Parasbatra

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  • Dave

    It looks like there’s an odd TinyMCE bug triggered by the presence of a more-fields WYSIWYG. The “add link” button works fine the first time it’s used, but the second time it’s labelled “update link” instead, and contains no http:// in the URL field. Any chance of a fix next release?

    Many thanks.

    This user seems to also have the issue:

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  • Thanh Tùng Phạm

    Hi, i used this plugin and seem very useful except one thing i need help. I create field that i hope carry  values: 1 or 0, i chosen radio, checkbox, but when check it carry value 1, none check is nothing so problem is: When i check mata value it not exist both meta key and meta value – i cannot check it.
    Second, i don’t know how for multi checkbox or multi radio for same field?
    Thank and hope for soon reply.

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  • Bercana

    Are there plans to update your plugin to take advantage of the new wp_editor() function?

    • http://kalströ kalstrom

      Yes there is, we will add it to the next version instead of the wysiwig-function we got now.

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  • Chrisi Deboer

     thanks for this geat plugin, but when i activate the plugin i can´t edit the postdate and can´t use the quickedit function. wp 3.4.1, plugin version 2.1

    • http://kalströ kalstrom

      We got some problems with the latest versions of WP. We will hopefully get around to fixing it soon.

  • Micheljaksstret4

    Its really great plugin,
    Is it possible to use search with this plugin, so i can search in front end

    • http://kalströ kalstrom

      Yes, but you have to add the availability to search in custom fields in your search query.

  • bgk

    Just came across this very useful plug-in, but one minor thing is bugging me – you’re using “i.e.” instead of “e.g.”. For example, “Alternative input: YYYY-mm-dd, i.e 2010-07-10″ should be “Alternative input: YYYY-mm-dd, e.g. 2010-07-10″. See