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New site for our plugins « More Plugins

New site for our plugins

You’re looking at the completely revamped site for our plugins.

We’re still not done, but we wanted to launch since we killed our old site a couple of weeks ago to force us to complete this one.

We’d like to thank Jesse Sutherland for the single biggest donation yet to our work with these plugins. Jesse contributed a lot of design work for the new site and we’re eternally grateful for it.

  • Jesse Sutherland

    Looks like the site is up and working well guys. Congrats on the launch!

  • dAN

    New site looks great! I’m just starting my first project with the new plugins, after having happily used More Fields a couple of times in the past. It’s great to see how far you guys have come!

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  • Sascha

    Hi there,
    site looks great! There seems to be some content missing though for the more fields plugin at least. The links on the left do not show anything but a heading sentence on the top.

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