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More Fields 2.0.3

We updated More Fields to 2.0.3 yesterday.

The most wanted fixes seemed like the file list fields and pagination for custom field lists. And we think we got them squashed.

The Changelog is updated accordingly:

  • Regained file list functionality with proper admin-ajax
  • Bug fix for template functions
  • Problem with listings based on Custom Fields fixed
  • Fixed More Fields breaking some plugins

Test 2.0.3 out and mark your support threads as resolved if you think they are and give us praise. ;)

  • Manuel

    Hi, I want to thank you for this wonderful pluggin! But I have a problem, how can I use the Permalink base for more types? I write something there but there’s no effect on any permalink… thanks again!!

  • luigi barbati

    thanks for the great work! i vote to add it permanently in the wordpress core!

  • acepek

    This plugin is really great for adding functionality to WordPress installations that serve as CMS environments. I don’t know about adding it to the WP core, because I don’t know if it really is necessary for your average blogger, but I thank you for developing it! It made my life easier!

  • Saroj

    really good plugin ,i was looking for……

  • Jon Sidnell


    I’m using the most recent version of More Fields, but was just wondering if there’s any way to restrict a “More Fields” box to a certain template?

    I can see that we can do it for certain types e.g. Pages and Posts, but ideally it would be great to be able to specify that a certain More Fields box should be presented given a certain template e.g. “Default Template” or “Single column, no sidebar”.