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Resetting the More plugins « More Plugins

Resetting the More plugins

Some users have asked for a way to reset the More plugins to its default state to start over. And I thought I’d let you know how it’s done.

In More Fields, More Taxonomies and More Types there is a line in the plugin php file that looks like this:

if (0) update_option('more_nn', array());

where nn is fields, types or taxonomies respectively.

Open the file and change that line to:

if (1) update_option('more_nn', array());

Load the settings page for that plugin (Settings » More nn).

Then change that same line back to

if (0) update_option('more_nn', array());

This should revert all settings of that plugin back to null.

Please note

This is a hard reset of the plugin data. There is no undo. Use with caution. (And do backup before you start playing with it.)

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