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The Sputnik Release « More Plugins

The Sputnik Release

Get your tickets for the Sputnik release of our suite of More plugins all working and tested with WordPress 3.0.1.

More Fields 2.0

More Fields is our most downloaded WordPress plugin with over 50 000 downloads from the WordPress repository.

It adds boxes to the Write/Edit page in the admin for easy management of more types of content. These boxes contains input fields, so that additional (more) fields can be added to a post. For example, if you write about books, you can add a box where you can enter title and author, isbn, etc. The boxes can be placed either to the right or to the left on the Write/Edit page.

This finally makes Custom fields usable.

More Types 1.0

More Types is a WordPress plugin that allows you to add new post types to the WordPress admin, besides Posts and Pages. For instance if you run a music site you could create a review post type (based on post). If you run a food blog you could create a post type for recipes.

This allows for a simpler admin for your users, and better structure for you.

More Types also allows you to override the default post types, set user capabilities for specific post types and more.

More Taxonomies 1.0

More Taxonomies allows you to add new taxonomies to the WordPress admin. For instance if you run a football site you could create a team taxonomy (non-hierarchical, like tags) and set teams on your posts relating to a specific game. If you run a music blog you could create taxonomies for artists, musicians or perhaps producers. This way you could be more specific in your posts and allow for specific pages for items in your created taxonomy.

This way you can structure your posts in new and creative ways. You can use your new taxonomies together with the old tags and categories.

More Taxonomies also allows you to override the default taxonomies, set user capabilities for a specific post type and more.

More Plugins Suite

If you use more than one of the plugins they interact beautifully (we hope you’ll think). You could for instance allow for a specific More Fields box to appear on just a specific Post type created with More Types. You could set a specific taxonomy to be used with just a specific Post type. You could even create new types of More Fields fields that interacts with a Taxonomy created with More Taxonomies.

More or less

Allthough we think all of our plugins are great, you can use any of our plugins stand alone. They work great by themselves (but they feel a bit lonely).

Sputnik what?

Sputnik is the version label for the common php object that handles taskas that are common to the More Plugins. It handles data/editing/deleting and builds the Settings pages for the plugins among other boring stuff. It’s really just a g33k thing that glues things together, that you really wouldn’t notice when using the plugins, unless we told you about it, which we just did. Anyway, we like it.


Look for support in the forum (we’re not able to track bugs here among the comments). But if you’d like to share some use cases or praise us that’s fine in the comments … ;)

  • Jesse Sutherland

    Wow guys! This is HUGE. Very exciting.