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Upgrading More Fields

I thought I’d try to clear up a few things about upgrading More Fields from 1.x to 2.x.

What’s happening?

We’ve restructured the data model for More Fields to be compatible with WordPress 3.0. To use Boxes, Fields and Post types created with More Fields 1.x in WordPress 3.0 you need to upgrade them.

Upgrading the easy way

The easiest way to upgrade to the upcoming More Fields 2.0 release is to stay in WordPress 2.x and upgrade to More Fields 1.5.2. That will prepare the Boxes, Fields and Post types for WordPress 3.0. (Please note that More Fields 1.5.2 itself is not entirely compatible with WordPress 3.0.)

  1. Upgrade to WordPress 2.9.2
  2. Upgrade to More Fields 1.5.2
  3. Wait for release of More Fields 2.0
  4. Upgrade to WordPress 3.0.x
  5. Upgrade to More Fields 2.0
  6. Install and activate More Types 1.0

Upgrading the other way

If you’ve been eager for the new features of WordPress 3.0 you probably have already upgraded. If you still use More Fields 1.x, upgrade to More Fields 1.5.2 and then to the latest release candidate of More Fields 2.0.

If you have problems upgrading from WordPress 3.0 and More Fields 1.5.x, or have already started using a beta version of More Fields 2.0, you need to upgrade your settings:

  1. Using WordPress 3.0
  2. Download More Fields Upgrade
  3. Upload /more-fields-upgrade.php to /wp-content/plugins/
  4. Activate More Fields Upgrade
  5. The upgrade is made automatically
  6. Deactivate More Fields Upgrade
  7. Upgrade to More Fields 2.0

In the unlikely event of errors

If you feel confident getting into the code and if everything still goes to hell in a handbasket you can manually reset More Fields, in /more-fields/more-fields.php changing 0 to 1 on line 32, load the Settings->More Fields page and change it back again.


Download link fixed. (Sorry.)

  • pete

    Hi, I am getting a 404 when i try to go to

  • Kal Ström

    Sorry. Sloppy editing. /uploads/ was the error.

  • Rui Cruz

    Hey guys, the More Fields Upgrade plugin link is not working

  • James Khazar

    I’m a bit confused. Sounds like I need to upgrade from 1.4 (my current version) to 1.5 under all circumstances, yet I can’t find 1.5 anywhere to download. Or can I upgrade from 1.4 thru the 1-7 steps above under the second paragraph in “Upgrading the Other Way”? If not the later, where can I get 1.5?

    • http://kalströ kalstrom

      You can find 1.5.x here:

      • Anonymous

        And lo and behold there it was! Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Well, I updated, and now get_pages() doesn’t get pages anymore.

    • http://kalströ kalstrom

      Are you using WP 3.x or 2.x?

      • Anonymous


  • Xord

    hey guys thanks for the awesome plugin.
    however, i am experiencing some problems with version 2.0.4 after adding a custom field of type ‘select’.
    i’ve added 3 or 4 custom values for the dropdown and when hitting “Publish”, the ‘select’ custom field receives value of ‘publish’, which is not even present in the values list, that i provided earlier. then I select the corrrect value, hit “Update” and all is well. I also noticed duplicate values is the dropdown depending on the current value – it gets dupped.
    I hope this helps for your development.
    Thank you.

    • http://kalströ kalstrom

      We’ve had a problem with field names that use quote signs like ‘ and “. Could that be your problem?

      We changed the way we save the field names for 2.x, but we will be reverting back to the previous way for 2.0.5 (json).

  • Metin

    Hey, I have a small question about updating More Fields plugin.

    I’m running More Fields 2.0.3 on WordPress 3.0.1 and planning to upgrade the plugin to I wonder do I need to change the way I implemented the plugin on my website? I mean that I used check boxes to control whether to display or not extra fields.


    • http://kalströ kalstrom

      Yes. That’s probably so, depending on how you’ve used the checkboxes.

      • Metin

        Hey Kalstrom, this is how I implemented.

  • http://kalströ kalstrom

    Yes. That’s probably so, depending on how you’ve used the checkboxes.

  • Jon

    I’m getting this error on your website. Not a good advert me thinks.

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    • http://kalströ kalstrom

      I should say so, yeah. :)

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